Sunday, March 26, 2006

High Noon at the Tomb...

Just a quick note to report that I have now been in KV 63! We had a house trip today and got to see the new discoveries at Amenhotep III's mortuary temple (west of the Colossi of Memnon) with the enthusiastic guidance of Mudhira Hourig Sourouzian. And then on to the Valley of the Kings and our encounter with the most recently discovered tomb in the valley. Photography was not allowed at either site, but I will do my best to paint word pictures for you in the next few days. I DO have some photos of the finches coming to drink from a bowl set on the wall surrounding the dig and some other shots from the valley.

I know this is a little snobbish, but it was great fun being on the inside looking out at all the poor tourists who will never have the opportunity to see these objects in situ ;-> But let me tell you--they need some fashion police around here!


  1. Marie, ma chere' The blog is lovely. You are there slaving away & I am here still recovering from the Whooping Cough & rushing to get your house ready for your return.

    Love & Light,


  2. You poor thing! Will it never go away?? Don't spend a lot of time and energy that you can ill afford getting the house ready...


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