Sunday, April 02, 2006

Meet Dr. Franky!

Dr. François Gaudard (Dr. Franky) is the smaller ;-> of the two figures in this photo (left) taken at the Ramesseum in February of this year.

How to describe him?? Well, he's a Swiss UofC doctoral graduate-with-honors-demoticist-rockabilly-pianist-swing dancer-epigrapher-teacher-author (have I left anything out?)

The photo below shows the Doctor swinging with

Tonight (Wednesday, April 5) we celebrated his birthday. And thank you to all who have sent or who will send him birthday e-greetings! He has been quite touched by your best wishes. And I was mightily relieved to find out today that I am NOT old enough to be his mother!!

The photo below shows Dr. Franky enjoying the candles on his birthday cake in the company of Dr. Ray (the Mudhir).

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