Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sofia 2006

I wasn't in Luxor very long before I had an opportunity to travel to Sofia, Bulgaria for a library conference. Despite the fact that the conference was very intense, I was able to get out and about, both in and around Sofia and Plovdiv. This photomosaic represents some of the highlights of the trip. Viewing left to right and top to bottom they are:
1. Vitosha in the Morning, 2. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, 3. Alexander Nevski Cathedral (Detail), 4. St. Nikolai Russian Church (Detail), 5. Sofia Street Market: Icons, 6. Rainbow Door (Sofia), 7. Sofia Fountain, 8. St. Nikolai Russian Church (Detail), 9. Georgi Dimitrov Genchev, 10. Look Up!, 11. Lion of Bulgaria, 12. Luxor in Sofia, 13. Alafrangite Restaurant, 14. Archaeological Museum (Sofia), 15. Bachkovo Monastery, 16. Sofia Detail: Lion

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