Monday, September 03, 2007

Tut-Tut-Tut-ing Along...

This is moi in front of Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. I was lucky enough to be invited to view the tomb on a special pass issued to the young daughter of my friend Lisa Giddy in the Spring of 2005. Chloe was allowed to bring 5 people along with her. The truly wonderful part of the experience was that we were the only people in the tomb! Amazing!!

Click the title of this post to read an article about the latest Tut discovery.

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  1. 11:35 AM

    Dear Marie I have sat in King Tut's tomb many years ago. I am saddened to learn that his body is to placed on exhibition and in this regard submitted the following to June Chambers (BBC Reporting Religion)

    his ancient body now on view
    displayed to commoners
    would we take of royal line
    one who died in recent time
    open coffin place on bier
    for all to gaze
    some would leer
    sacrilege the call would rise
    unto heaven's very skies
    why then treat this royal thus
    admission charge - perhaps a plus
    respect is due unto this frame
    king recorded indeed by name
    yes we hear the hue and cry
    these do protest -
    yes within we die if we condone
    be it forceful
    or just leave alone
    the ghoulish seekers will surely pay
    alas this will win the day
    however for me my view is plain
    coffin cedar
    bury again
    let his spirit range where it will
    kill the queue discard the till

    ps please pass my regards to Lisa Nanoo Chloe and Christian
    dennis lewis-enright
    Sydney Australia


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