Friday, January 02, 2009

Luxor Face Lift?

"Egypt has embarked on a 200 million dollar project to turn the historic Luxor into an open air museum, and better regulate the flow of tourists."

A view of the new plaza to the east of Luxor Temple:

Clearing of the Avenue of Sphinxes to the north of Luxor Temple:

This minaret to the north of Luxor Temple will remain and be restored while the rest of the mosque will be razed:

This is a view from the gate of Casa Italia (west bank) of the new housing being built for the former residents of Gurna, which is currently being demolished:

Check out what CH Field Director Dr. Ray Johnson has to say in an article titled "Luxor development program update". And here's an article by Jill Kamil from Al-Ahram Weekly.

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