Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Day, Continued

After I left the church, I had every intention of going directly to the Orangerie, but the best laid plans must be put aside when one notices that the bright green facade of E. Dehillerin is right on the corner of rue du Louvre! One of my longterm goals has always been to visit this family enterprise frequented by Julia Child. Since 1820, as their website says, "Dehillerin distributes high quality kitchen and pastry utensils for the catering professionnals, as well as hobby cookers." I only ventured a short way into the shop, crowded with people and product, and never descended to the sous-sol. But at least I have now been inside and I even purchased a small memento: an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter.
Well, then it was time to visit the Orangerie, n'est-ce pas? Not! I got as far as the Palais Royal and felt the urge to stroll in the gardens. Many other people had the same idea since the day was so beautiful.
This fellow is quite attractive to the plump pigeons who call the gardens home:
Isn't this a wonderful position for reading?
After the gardens, I wandered into another bookstore! But finally I returned to my neighborhood and took an early dinner at Les Cascades. A very good start to the Paris sojourn!

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