Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grand Opening!

Last Thursday, I was able to attend the "grand opening" of the Aboudi Bookstore across the street from Luxor Temple. Until last year, Taher Aboudi was located in the "shopping mall" on the ground floor of a building just south of the temple. But the plan for downtown Luxor, especially in the vicinity of any of the antiquities, called for the destruction of this building. So Taher acquired space next to the MacDonald's behind the temple and created a modern storefront with clean lines and a wonderful display of merchandise. He had delayed this grand opening until everything was just right.

It was quite the party! A good time was had by all despite the cancellation of the appearance of the guest of honor, Dr. Zahi Hawass. Speeches were made, ribbons were cut and delicious food (and drink) was distributed. Here are a few pictures of the party:
The new Aboudi Bookstore


...and Drink!

A proud Taher Aboudi

Jaap van Dijk with some of Zahi's books

Aboudi bookstores over the years

Yarko with his Zahi look-alike photo

The lovely staff

End of a fine party!
Congratulations, Taher!

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