Saturday, August 13, 2011


Check out this little gem from British Pathé filmed in 1964. From the website description:
"GV The Temple of Karnak on the banks of the Nile. Nearer shot ditto. LV The pillars in the Hypostyle Hall. LV From top of the pillars. GV The Luxor Temple at one end of the Avenue of Sphinx. SV Arch with very clear inscriptions on it. GV The Temple of Karnak at the other end of the avenue. GV Pan. From the temple of Karnak along the avenue where men are still working digging out Sphinx. LV Abdel (or Mahmoud) Elzarik and an assistant uncovering a Sphinx. CU Elzarik brushes sand away. SV ditto. LV Men pushing carts loaded with sand away from the site. GV ditto. GV The avenue lined with Sphinx. LV ditto. SV Elzarik pointing to inscriptions on the side of a sphinx. CU ditto. CU Head of Sphinx. SV ditto. GV The Avenue of Sphinx."

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