Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deir el-Ahmar and Deir el-Abyad (Red and White Monasteries)

I've been thinking about all the experiences and adventures I've had in my seven seasons in Egypt and how I haven't written about even a third of them. So I'm going to try and share a photo or two a day as a taste of the wonders of this country.

Today, it's the Red and White Monasteries near Sohag. My friend Rogério and I had the chance to visit these two sites at the end of February 2010. For more information try these two Wikipedia articles: the Red Monastery and the White Monastery.
Deir el-Ahmar -- The Red Monastery
Deir el-Abyad -- The White Monastery
TOMORROW: The statue of Meritamun at Ahkmim

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