Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Networking"...or Not!

Communications and internet access have been problematic for over a week now for many of us at the north end of Luxor. While we now have landline connections back, who knows when we can expect internet access. Some shady guys took advantage of work that was being done on phone and data lines on 2nd Street to steal what they thought was copper wiring! It's not copper but an alloy--surprise! surprise! In any case, the phone company is still trying to restore all service. CH photographer Yarko took this amusing photo of the work site last week:
Some "conspiracy theorists" ;] have suggested that the phone and data service providers such as Vodafone arranged for the theft so they could boost sales of mobile broadband USB sticks and service plans. Well, I did rush down to Vodafone on Tuesday to do that very thing!

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