Friday, February 10, 2012

Why I Love My Credit Union...

Now, can you imagine the Bank of America or any of the large, impersonal and predatory banks sending a client the following email?

Hello Marie,

It is your friends at Yolo Federal Credit Union once again.  Once again we see that Egypt is making the news here.  Seeing that the treatment of American’s in certain areas is less than desired, we wanted to check on your welfare.  We hope this email finds you safe, and secure in your location.  Please let me or any credit union representative know if we can be of assistance to you.  If you need to relocate to a new area of the world please let us know so that we can note your travels should you need your ATM/Debit card.  We would not want our anti-fraud security to accidentally block your card when you may need it most.

Best Wishes,

Golly, I love my credit union!!

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