Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pyramid Scheme Part 2a: Dahshur

One more pyramid field to conquer, and so I did on the 27th of March with a fascinating visit to Dahshur. We started the day with breakfast at Mena House and one more Giza pyramid photo, this time complete with red rose! (I would love to have these "dangles" to put in my windows...)
Coincidentally, our guide-for-the-day's name (courtesy of Egitalloyd) was "Mena"! We headed for Dahshur first thing, saving Saqqara for later in the morning. I was "blown away" as they say, especially since I was at liberty to appreciate these monuments without being hassled by touts. The only reason there were quite a few people at the Red Pyramid was the arrival of five busloads of kids from a German language school. They were amazingly well-behaved, much better than some adults I know!

We did a clockwise circuit of the Red Pyramid and these are a few of the photos I took:

The Bent Pyramid in the background 
The Bent Pyramid at a distance

Looking north towards Saqqara -- the large pyramid on the left is the Step Pyramid 
Lining up! 
Moi and kids at the Red Pyramid
And on to the Bent Pyramid:
Moi (obviously!) at the Bent Pyramid
Some less-than-successful silliness: Moi "patting" the Red Pyramid!
The Black Pyramid from the Bent Pyrami 
Camelback security at the Bent Pyramid 
The Black Pyramid
The Red Pyramid (l.) and the Bent Pyramid
A sphinx-like "face" on the Bent Pyramid
For more information about the pyramid field at Dahshur:

To be continued...

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