Friday, November 23, 2012

Out and About in Luxor

Finally! Anait and did a shopping walkabout last Sunday, with a well-deserved stop at The Roof for lemon juice (theirs is the best!), wonderful coffee (the real thing with cardamom) for Anait, and my first shisha of the season (plum). The light everywhere was wonderful, as it tends to be in the mid-to-late afternoon. And of course the views from The Roof are magnificent!
Our resident egret who always seems to hang around near CH:

 On our brief walk through the tourist souk:
Bougainvillea is very opportunistic. Here it's used the trunk of the palm tree to establish itself:
One of the ubiquitous homages to ancient Egyptian influence:


  1. Beautiful! Are the 4th - 6th photos taken at or around Chicago House?

  2. They are all Luxor Temple, about a mile south of CH. 5 and 6 are taken from The Roof where we had our lemon juice and shisha.


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