Thursday, April 04, 2013

More on the Bassem Youssef Affair

Get with the programme:

"On Sunday I went out with a colleague to get reactions to the Bassem Youssef investigation. In a taxi on the way to Imbaba we asked the driver his opinion and in a serendipitous convergence, the taxi driver declared that he had worked with B. Youssef last week. It was a moment that would have made Thomas Friedman self-combust: a taxi driver who is also a primary source."

And Bassem Youssef and Co. Saga Continues:

A Tweet!
"Lawyer suing @DrBassemYoussef says theres been an explosion in freedom of speech under Morsi President. Thats what's creating chaos"

Stewart Destroys Pres. Morsi for Going After 'Egypt's Jon Stewart' After Vowing to 'Welcome Every Opinion'

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