Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

Yes, I'm still alive... An amazingly busy few weeks since my last post...

I thought I would share some random images from the weekend so far. The first four were taken during my morning constitutional around the perimeter of the CH grounds. Later, we went fitness equipment shopping. Would you believe there are at least three shops in Luxor that deal in exercise equipment. We just bought a treadmill from one of them, and it was delivered by donkey cart! On this run, I got some bright red 3kg hand weights so that I will have no excuse for not doing my exercises in my room! So there are four shots taken during the shopping trip--the pharmacy is across the street from our last fitness shop stop, which consists of an equipment shop AND a gym, and across from the gym is a wall with lots of graffiti. The last three shots were taken this morning at Healey House--two of the Healey House Hoopoes (sound like a sports team!) and one of the supplies needed for a relaxing morning on our roof:

A solitary balloon over the West Bank, striking against the rose-gold of the sunlit mountain

Sunlit bougainvillea
Rich red hibiscus
A CH carpet hung for cleaning

Rooftop relaxation necessities: (clockwise from top) journal and pen, face mist, coffee in my special Sunday cup, fly whisk, iPad, and sunglasses


  1. Especially like the picture of the Hoopo(?) on the sidewalk. Also, the hot air balloon reminded us of our wonderful flight from the Valley of the Kings across the Nile to a landing right near the Temple of Karnak. Bob

  2. For Jane Thomson:
    As always, am enjoying your blog and your superb photos.

  3. For Sonja Bedford:
    Thank you for posting your weekend wanderings. I especially love the photo of readiness for rooftop relaxation.

  4. Fascinating! Most of the little I know about Luxor comes from reading books by Elizabeth Peters! By the way, this is Sally O from Daily Challenge. Flora May is one of my pen names. She runs the Promote Me Please blog and I'm afraid to sign out in case I can't get back in.


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