Sunday, November 15, 2015

In Mourning...

Image by Frederic Pradier

My Beautiful Beloved Paris! I know there are many people who are saying that all this focus on Paris is hypocritical because we don't have the same reaction when it's Beirut or Yemen or Syria. Please excuse me if I disagree! I grieve every death inflicted by senseless terrorism. This weekend it just so happened to be my beloved Paris's turn. I am also appalled at all the haters who have come out of the woodwork, demanding that Islam be eradicated or that all borders be shut to refugees. No, folks, not going to buy any of that! Sorry for the diatribe, but that's just the way I feel...

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  1. Oh I do so agree with you Marie. I have no particuler Faith / Beliefs but was brought up to respect others views and to also love books. So on my bookshelf I have books about different religions but also side by side the Koran and the Bible.I have Muslim friends and we can all live together in peace Inshallah. Best wishes to you.


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