Sunday, February 28, 2016

Apologies and Promises... and a Little Kitten!

I am so very sorry for my failure to post much this season. And I have promised a certain someone (Et voilà, Sylvie, je tiens mes promesses!) to post this weekend! Perhaps this will create some blog momentum for me...

So many topics, but I must begin with the story of the kitten rescue that happened about a week ago. Artist Keli happened to be at the right place--outside Medinet Habu, at the right time--just when some adults (not kids!) were nonchalantly abusing a teeny tiny kitten. A woman, one of the vendors outside the temple, picked the kitten up and was showing it around, and then she tossed it into a donkey-cart carrying sugar cane. The three men with the cart then proceeded to throw the poor little one onto the road. Keli yelled at them and whisked the kitty from the road and into the care of the Chicago House Crazy Cat Ladies!

Kitten seems to be in good health, is eating up a storm, and is into extremely heavy kitty sleep. She loves being around (which really means being held by) people. And there are plenty of willing kitty-sitters here. Keli, as kitty rescuer, has naming rights, but since she has not chosen one yet, I have taken to calling her "NoNa", short for "No-Name". This name comes courtesy of my Daily Challenge friends (Thanks, SueSea Q!).

Enjoy the photos!

Keli and Kitten 
Sorry for the poor quality of the photo but once NoNa was ensconced, I couldn't budge!


  1. Very sweet story and photos Marie. Very lucky kitty.

  2. Queen Marie, I was proudly surprised to see my name on your blog. I do hope you will keep the name NoNa for the Kitty. There is NO excuse for cruelty towards animals so this little Kitty is very lucky to be saved by your friend, Keli. Thanks for your Valued Friendship, SueSea Q

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you ladies were NoNa's destiny. Lovely piccies as always, Marie. Love and hugs. xxxx

  4. Merci Marie!! Great to see you are back! and give a cuddle to Kitten for me.


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