Thursday, February 09, 2006

Breaking News from the Valley...

...and this is the place! Just outside of KV10, the tomb of Amenmesse. And I was there on the day of the initial discovery!! "Ancient Egypt" is still alive and kicking...


  1. Marie - This is so exciting! I was just sitting on the front porch, reading the Davis Enterprise article about this wonderful new discovery --- just 16 feet from King Tut's tomb, and buried 13 feet underground, supposedly from the rubble left from excavating Tut's tomb! Wow! How wonderful to be there while it's happening! Beats the heck out of just reading about it!

    Your friend Leslie in Woodland

  2. Marie, I thought about you when I read the report of the discovery in the Chicago Tribune. How exciting to be in a place where history is being rediscovered.



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