Saturday, February 04, 2006

Into the Sunset...

It was Friday in Luxor--time for a "Sunset Party"! So across the Nile we went to the West Bank to celebrate on the rooftop of a CH friend who is giving up his flat this weekend. Malesh! The presence of some of our Spanish, Italian, Canadian, American, Egyptian and Slovenian colleagues guaranteed good conversation by the cartload. Of course, a little wine, a little beer, a little gin and winding down from a busy week loosened tongues. The view was spectacular! And the evening was graced with echoing shouts from all over Luxor when the Egyptian team scored another goal (they beat Congo to advance to the quarter finals!!).


  1. Marilyn Wirth2/05/2006 7:08 PM

    Marie, I love this! How much fun it must be to publish this way....I will be reading your blog often.

  2. Marie, this is a very interesting life! How did you get to such a wonderful place?
    Wish I could be there also, but maybe I have to study first. I really like Egypt and

  3. It IS a very interesting life! It happened by "accident"--a friend was visiting CH and learned that they needed a librarian--she told me--I applied--and here I am! It's my second season and it is a truly wonderful new life, filled with great new friends and exciting experiences. I recommend studying as much as you can to prepare yourself for such an opportunity.

  4. Mickie Miller2/08/2006 6:30 PM

    Hi Marie, thanks for your blog & I will watch for more. I was in Luxor & know the beauty you are seeing & oh how I wish I could go back. So happy your got the opportunity to go to Egypt & also to be doing what you love,librarian!! Other than missing your "family of cats" & human family, know you're happy.Bye for now & love ya, Mickie

  5. Greetings Marie,
    Your blog is lovely and quite restrained as blogs go. I'll certainly check back for more photos and news. My latest news is that Chico folk dancers are rehearsing for a performance with the American Recorder Orchestra of the West,in a concert of Eastern European classical & folk music. Barbara
    PS:The Reference Dept. has been using a blog to advertise new reference books -- any ref. librarian can write a blurb on a new book and post it. The blog is linked from the library's "what's new" page.


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