Wednesday, December 31, 2008


May these sunset images from Luxor find you bidding a "fond" farewell to 2008 and anticipating a hopeful, peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2009!


  1. Dear Marie,

    Thanks for sharing your lovely warm photos. What a contrast to what we have here today in Shropshire UK; 28ºF, thick frost and freezing fog all day long!

    2008 has not been an easy year but I've set in motion several new projects which may make 2009 a little better! Check these out:

    Here's hoping 2009 is your best year yet!
    Love, Nick and Sue xx

  2. Hi Marie,
    In contrast to Nick, we had a lovely, sunny day with 14°C and a nice sunset, but nothing to compare with your Luxorious ones.
    All the best to you for Deux Mille Neuf!
    xIan & Xine

  3. Well, it was about 52F here in Woodland, California today, cold and foggy all day -- Guillaume and I tried to take a neighborhood walk, but the cold was penetrating enough that we went four blocks, turned around, and came home for hot tea! Marie, your photos are just beautiful ... keep 'em coming! Happy New Year to you and all of your friends and colleagues at Chicago House!

    Leslie & Guillaume


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