Thursday, February 24, 2011

Corey and Me

Corey Flintoff of NPR has been visiting Luxor recently, ostensibly on "vacation" from his day job, which currently means reporting on the situation here in Egypt. He visited CH on Tuesday to chat with the boss and to find out a little about our work. He joined us for dinner last night, and again for lunch today. What a delightful man!

Now you have to understand that Corey and I go way back--to my days of listening to him during the homeward commute when he was reporting the news at the beginning of each hour on All Things Considered. So I got up my courage to ask two favors last evening: could I have my picture taken with him, and could I then post that picture on this blog. He very graciously acquiesced. In fact, he seemed rather surprised that I would want to do this!

He's off to Cairo tomorrow, and is due in Afghanistan next week. But we hope that he will be back and that next time he'll bring his wife with him.
Here's looking at you, Corey!


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