Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Crisis for Animal Care in Egypt (ACE)

Dear Friends,
Animal Care in Egypt is one of the charities that I try to support on a regular basis. They do incredible work here in Luxor to make life a little easier for the animals of the area. All CH cats are neutered/spayed ;] there. The carriage horses and donkeys in Luxor are visibly healthier because of their work. I am attaching their plea for assistance in this time of unrest in Egypt. Please consider donating to the cause.

Martin Oval

Dear Supporters

At the beginning of the year, we were delighted to welcome Martin Clunes, to Luxor as the first Patron of ACE.  We are excited to welcome Martin to our charity, and honoured that he has chosen to support ACE.

Sadly, just a few weeks on, we are extremely concerned about the situation all over Egypt, and the knock on effect it will undoubtedly have on the hard working animals of the region.

Martin has kindly written this personal appeal to you, as one of our supporters:

Since I visited the ACE centre recently with my family, I have followed the great work of the hospital with interest and admiration. The events that have unfolded in Egypt over the last few days will put even more pressure on the hard working animals in the Luxor area, making the work of ACE all the more critical. I have been in contact with the ACE team, who have already started planning a response for the days, weeks and months that lie ahead.

Please put your weight behind this wonderful charity and support these poor animals, who need our help, now, more than ever.

Martin Clunes
Patron of ACE

Donkey foalThis is an emergency bulletin on the current situation at ACE in Luxor.  We cannot thank you enough for all that you do for us, we appreciate it, and hope that you are able to continue to help us at this time of great need.  Please also, pass on this appeal to friends, and family members.  Perhaps you could hold a collection at work?  Arrange a quiz evening?  Or bake sale?

Anything that you can do to help us raise these much-needed extra funds will help.  Every single pound counts.

Thank you all.


P.S.  "Hello" magazine, which is out now, has a full report and plenty of pictures from Martin's visit to us in Luxor.

BULLETIN on emergency situation in Egypt

ACE PaddocksWe are sure that as supporters of ACE, you will have watched, with growing dread, the events in Egypt. Sadly the ACE centre has not been immune from the unrest, and Sunday morning we took the difficult decision to temporarily close the centre. A skeleton staff will maintain a service for critical cases and animals caught up in the current situation, however our UK volunteers are being evacuated.

In the days and weeks ahead the service that ACE provides will be more important than ever for the hard working animals and the people of Egypt.  ACE's team will continue to provide emergency care for as long as the situation allows and prepare to care for animals in the aftermath of these troubles which will no doubt come. 
For this reason we are appealing to all the friends of ACE to dig deep and continue to support us through this difficult time.

We need your help to save ACE


Donkey Rubbish tipThe ACE clinic is already stretched dealing with over 100 new cases per day, can you help us be as prepared as possible for what is to come? 

ACE believes that animals and humans are inextricably linked – in Egypt the survival of one often depends on the survival of the other. 

It is vital for the welfare of both to protect animals in times of crisis. 
Rubbish tip kid
People affected by poverty are most vulnerable to disasters such as that affecting Egypt at the moment, they frequently lack the skills, knowledge and resources to rescue or protect their animals. 

The staff at the ACE centre have the expertise and local knowledge to get help to these animals. In the aftermath of the unrest in Egypt, it is more than likely that there will be an influx of animals which have inevitably been caught up in the troubles. 

ACE has already begun to prepare for this, but we can’t do it alone, additional funds are needed for drugs, dressings and feed, to name but a few of the essentials. 

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