Monday, November 28, 2011

Lining Up to Vote...

Our conservator Lotfi Hassan was in Cairo over the weekend, spending time with his family and going to vote. He had to stand in line for five and a half hours (in El Tagamoe), during which time he took these photos:
He barely made it to the airport for his flight back to Luxor this evening!

Here in Luxor, our local staff were given a holiday so that they could go vote. I saw the inked fingers of at least two of our kitchen workers. A Cairo friend announced on Facebook that he had voted for the first time in his life!

There is more voting tomorrow in Luxor, with the schedule for the governorates staggered over several weeks.

Here are some photos I took in Luxor over the past couple of weeks showing some of the election posters and banners:
Exciting times in Egypt! Think positive thoughts, please!

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  1. Lines in Heliopolis to vote were up to 3km long!


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