Monday, November 28, 2011

New Carpets!

I've moved into a larger room here at CH and so have more floor space. Once everything was unpacked and positioned or stowed away, it became evident that I would need another carpet to accompany the kilim I had bought back in my first season:
This time I wanted a carpet, probably in wool. So on Saturday last, Anaït, Keli (both of whom were interested in purchasing) and I walked over to Aladdin's Hule in the tourist souk. The family who own this shop have been good friends of CH staff for many years. And this is where I purchased the original kilim.

After the formalities of greeting and meeting Badr's young son Patrick and exchanging news were completed to everyone's satisfaction, and after helba tea orders had been placed, we got down to the business of selection. I showed Badr the photo above so that he could search for similar color combinations. Almost immediately he brought out the carpet I eventually bought. While I looked at several others, this was the one that really spoke to me.

The others also viewed carpets, and selected ones that they were interested in. When it came time to settle on the price for mine (I was prepared to pay at least $300 for it) no bargaining was necessary, as Badr quoted an extraordinarily reasonable price well under my limit.

Of course I laid it out as soon as I got back to the house. It was perfect, both in colors and in size. And here it is:
I am one very happy camper!


  1. It's beautiful Marie! I remember my rug purchases in Morocco. Never did buy in Egypt:(

  2. Beautiful!!! If I ever go back to Luxor, which I hope we do someday with Margui, please take me to this store!!! I would loooooove to have a couple of these gorgeous carpets and kilims!
    Many greetings to everybody there (specially Sue Osgood, Yarko, Ray and Jay)... Many XOX to you, dear Marie!

  3. I am forever falling in love with carpets at galleries here in Berkeley. I might not be able to survive the excitement of going shopping in Luxor and coming home with such a beautiful purchase for such a reasonable sum! But if not, I would die a happy textile nut.z This carpet really is very beautiful, congratulations!

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