Monday, October 29, 2012

Inbound: Part One

I flew out of SFO on Sunday afternoon, September 30 and arrived in Paris in the late morning of Monday, October 1. Because of a physical problem, I had a wheelchair and "driver" at both ends! It was a good thing, especially on the CDG end. Delta/Air France flies into Terminal 2, and now into a new section. A lot of walking and you have to take the CDGVAL metro to get to passport control and baggage claim. My wheelchair assistant was phenomenal--he managed to wheel both me in the wheelchair and a heavily loaded baggage cart with amazing skill!

I stayed at the usual place--Hotel de la Porte Dorée in the 12th--and received their usual warm welcome. After a bit of a rest, I went to my customary first-dinner-in-Paris brasserie/restaurant--Les Cascades. Here's a view I took after dining:
On Tuesday, I wasn't up for much, and many of the museums are closed, so I made a brief visit to Bercy Village and the Parc Bercy:

The next afternoon I was off by train to Blois to visit with my good friend Bette, who lives in the town of Villebarou.  To be continued...

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