Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inbound: Part Two

The next afternoon I was off by train to Blois to visit with my good friend Bette, who lives in the town of Villebarou. This visit was a much-needed opportunity to get some rest and to catch up. Bette also makes sure that I have my fill of pork products, enough to tide me over for the six months in Egypt!

In Bette's garden (she asked me if she should paint the flamingos pink and I advised against it!):
Pastries from Feuillete:
We did make a day trip to Chinon, which neither of us had visited before. Had lunch in town and then toured the fortress. In town I stocked up on doors:

It's a lovely old town but the fortress is fascinating! Great views over the Vienne River:

At the fortress there was a fascinating exhibit about Jeanne d'Arc (600th anniversary of her birth):

Of course, Chinon is famous for its wines:
On our way back to Blois, we stopped in Amboise for a gathering of Loire Connexion, but this post has gone on too long, so to be continued in Inbound: Part Three...

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  1. Lovely collection of doors. And the fortress is amazing! What a wonderful day!


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