Thursday, October 23, 2014

Running Out of Steam

Day 6 of uninterrupted blog posts! I think it's a record for me, but it's wearing me down... So, one last daily post tomorrow, and then a modified schedule, which will be more like once or twice a week, I hope.

Today turned out to be a bit stressful, but ultimately reassuring. I had been having some problems with my right eye--possibly significant new "floaters" and some blurriness on the right edge. So, I've been worried. Today I got in to see "Oculist" Doktora Fadia. She gave me a thorugh exam, then put drops in the eye and examined me again. I breathlessly awaited her verdict, which was "You are fine, Madame Mary!" She went on to say that I have the very tiny, extremely early signs of a cataract, and that it would not give me any problems right now. She prescribed regular use of sunglasses (luckily I have a prescription pair); an antioxidant vitamin supplement called Selenium-ACE, which I will take for one month; and eye drops, which I will use three times a day from now on.

I am absolutely thrilled that she didn't find evidence of any possibilities that would have been infinitely worse. A cataract I can deal with! In fact, my good friend Bette just had cataract surgery in September, and she says it's a snap. And on top of that, I paid out a total of only 225 Egyptian pounds (150 for the doctor and 75 for the prescriptions). That amounts to about $32!

I do have a few photos for you from CH today:
Buttons lying down on the job

Lovely, sweetly scented plumeria are beginning to bloom

More homegrown watermelons, and some blossoms too!

My newly refurbished shisha--notice the USA colors of red, white and blue! Shokran, ya Amer!
Tomorrow, I will share with you some experiences from our season opening in the Library!


  1. Posted for Jane Thomson:
    I rejoice in your reprieve. The thought of managing without eyesight is so chilling - even though I worked and the Lighthouse for the Blind at one time, and saw how effectively many blind professionals can function.
    warm regards,

  2. Hear! Hear! Echo Jane in the great good news received. And of all eye probs, cataract is one of the most commonest treated. A medical friend used to visit remote villages in India annually to perform cataract ops, and even with basic equipment to hand, achieved very high success rate results.
    (Jane, UK)


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