Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whew! Made It...

Ha! Bet I had you fooled! "No blog post from her today," I hear you thinking! Well, that was almost the case. But then I uncovered some real possibilities and... I got to go out into town for some errands:
The impressive line-up of trucks on-loading the supplies for Medinet Hbu, which opened today

My shisha/hookah/water-pipe/nargile/hubble-bubble waiting for repair
Tina has been working so hard to prepare the garden at Healey House for the sod delivery! The plastic is to keep the cats from digging up the newly prepared soil.

Wonderful fresh fruit at lunch--the watermelon is from our own garden.
A stop at the gas station to fill our minivan with benzene

One of the things I love about Egypt--all the bright colors!

Bash mohandissa Buttons waiting for the delivery of sod for the Healey House garden


  1. I love the intimacy of your garden. What do you smoke in your hooka?

    1. My favorite is double apple, Sonja! But mint and lemon are nice too.

  2. I didn't know you were a shisha smoker. We'll have to have a round when the Panehsy team arrives at New Year's. We are all looking forward to being back in Luxor and your blog is just making us homesick for Luxor.


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