Sunday, April 03, 2016

Can You Bear It?

If you're tired of photos of Habu, then just skip this post!

But I just had to share a few more, cuz he's so purr-fectly cute! And I only have a few more days with him before I leave at the end of the season...

Yes, I play hard, but I know when it's time to rest!
Aren't I cute?
Yes, I DO nap hard!
Hmmm! Share a bed with Heidi? I'll have to think about that...
Isn't this just the best position from which to help Mimi with her computer work?
Great spot for another nap!


  1. Sweet! Probably difficult to leave.

  2. So adorable!
    Didn't I paint your cat(s)? Or am I losing it...

    1. No, you're not losing it anymore than I am! You did paint Beau! I will miss the kitties at Chicago House, and my last California kitty, Bisou, passed away in May. So catless I am and will remain because I plan to do a lot of traveling now that I'm not tied down to a job six months of the year! Bises!


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