Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let the Celebration Begin!

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but the extended celebration period got off to a good start last evening when my good friend Andrea treated me to dinner at the French restaurant "1886" at the Winter Palace Hotel.
WP glassware -- très élégant!
Andrea's lobster and artichoke starter

My smoked salmon starter

Andrea's stuffed sole main course

My garlic and rosemary lamb loin confit with ginger & lemongrass

The dessert menu: oh, how to choose!?
My praline and chocolate confection with chocolate artwork

Coconut and caramel fondant and kiwi salsa (Don't you just love the "nest" made of pistachio?)

Two VERY satisfied ladies!

View from the top of the stairs looking west (Note the "pyramid" formed by the light.)

A wonderful evening and only the beginning of a marathon of partying! Thanks, Andrea!

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  1. What a divine evening!!
    Love the pyramid of light too.
    Bonne Anniversaire Maria.


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