Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Protesters to the Rescue...Again!

Many of you will remember the human chain of protestors/demonstrators that protected the Egyptian Museum during the early days of the revolution, two years ago now. Well, they had to come to the rescue again, when police and government forces ignored the Semiramis Hotel's calls for help when armed thugs invaded. No "official help" came for three hours! Please help me get the word out to as many people as possible that it was anti-government protestors that helped out. You know the western media will focus on the lawlessness of Egypt right now and mostly ignore any "good news". Check out the El Ahram article here: "Egypt protesters come to aid of ransacked Intercontinental hotel".

Meanwhile, here in Luxor, it's pretty much business (not that there's a lot of that!) as usual. We ate at The Roof on Monday night, and were treated to "dinner theater" when a group of young people gathered in the plaza to commemorate the 25th of January/Revolution Day and chanted, sang, danced, drummed, listened to speeches and marched, all in a peaceful and laid back manner. It was too dark to get photos of the gathering, but here are a couple of Luxor Temple by night:
And they still serve the best lamb chops, lemon juice ('asir lamoon), and shisha in Egypt (and beyond)!

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  1. The news is biased as always malheureusement.
    I would love to eat what you ate on that gorgeous rooftop!


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