Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beau Gets "Snipped"

Yesterday it was finally time to take Beau out to Animal Care in Egypt for his little operation (we figure he's about six months old), something that is required of all cats who wish to live at CH. I had to stop feeding him Friday night, and couldn't let him out of the room because he would be sure to find food somewhere else! The night wasn't so bad, but come morning he began to realize that he wasn't going to be fed or let out of the room. Let the wild rumpus start!

Beau is quite loudly vocal even during normal times, so we expected that the ride out to ACE might be somewhat noisy. We were not wrong! If we had needed a siren or horn Beau would have sufficed. I took videos of the ride just to memorialize the sounds he made. One stretch of road happened to be where men were busy harvesting sugar cane, which slowed us down a bit. Let's just say that we were ALL quite "happy" to finally arrive!

So, we finally arrive at ACE:
In the waiting room:
In the treatment room:
After the injection:

After the operation:
Back home:
He wouldn't leave my side all last evening, but you'll be pleased to know that he's back to his old self today, as if nothing had happened. Bravo, Beau! And thanks to all the great staff at Animal Care in Egypt!


  1. Bo is a luck kitty to live at CH. I enjoy staying in touch with Luxor through your blog.


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