Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Tuesday Morning in the West

Hard as it may be to believe, until this Tuesday I had not been into the Medinet Habu temple precinct this season. Some of us had the opportunity to join one of Bill Petty's Museum Tours to visit the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens, and got to hang out at MH until they picked us up. I only walked around the small Amun temple, inside and out.
View of the main temple from the small temple
This visit gave me another chance to test how the new camera performs in low light. I continue to be impressed!

Detail of kilt in previous photo
If you would like to see really professional photos of the interior rooms of the small Amun temple, you should check out the free downloadable file at 

After we visited the exquisite Nefertari, always an emotional experience, especially since one has to make the most of the ten to fifteen minutes groups are allowed in the tomb (no photos permitted), we returned to MH to wait for our ride. So I will end with a couple more photos from that great temple complex.
Beautifully carved flagpole recess on the exterior of the main temple
Ptolemaic Pylon with giant winged disk

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