Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Greetings!


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! Hope your day is wonderful! Love you!

  2. I think of you often, Marie. We have our first Shakespeare club meeting on the 4th. We are studying books about the myth of California. In Oct. (yours truly was on the program) we did the John Muir book, First Summer in the Sierra; Nov. was Ramona; Dec. was Valley of the Moon; and Dec. is the Geography of Home, a collection of poems by not your main stream poets. The program committees seem to think no one is prepared so we really haven't had much time to discuss. As to myself, I had family here last night for a traditional Porteguese breakfast. We kicked off the evening with some caroling. I am going to Mazatlan in March. The readers' theatre took a dive. I did not want to be the organizer anymore but no one else wanted the responsibility either. It was great while it lasted. I really appreciated your participation. Well, I just saw I had about 80 emails since yesterday so I better get moving. I see what the postage is going up to 49 cents for a two year change. Sure--inflation will take care of any change to retreat back to that old fashioned number of 46! I'll see ya when I see ya. That was one my husband's favorite expressions. Love to you and yours, Carol Rose PS: don't know what to do with this. Profile? Que Pasa? I'll hit the publish and see what happens.


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