Friday, December 20, 2013

My Rome with a View...

I have just completed work on my 2014 calendar, "My Rome with a View". The photos therein are just a small sampling of the hundreds I took during the two weeks in April 2013 that I had the good fortune to spend in Rome, the Eternal City.


  1. Claudia Vaughn12/20/2013 2:56 PM

    well well well, how can I resist? Just need to get my printer communicating with my computer! Grazie! Claudia

  2. Hi, Marie, That photo of Rome as seen through the arbor is quite lovely! Hope you are doing well. I know I am more than ready for 2014 to get off to a good start. This last year was tough for just about everyone I know, author, artist, dancers, writers of all sorts, even my science friends: it's just been hard. May 2014 be a wonderful year for you and yours!
    All Best, Deborah Nourse Lattimore


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