Sunday, January 12, 2014

Aladdin's Hule

We visited with our friend Badr in the suq yesterday, on a quest for carpets and kilims. But before one reaches the rug room, one passes through other parts of the shop. A real treasure trove! In fact, when I was checking the photos before uploading them, I noticed some silver metal "hands of Fatima" that are a regular  feature in the decoration of caleches (behind the collection of keys in the lower left of center in the first photo). I will be looking at them more closely when we return. Here are a few photos:

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  1. Hi Marie,
    I love following your blog. I had written to you in the past about a quilt you had, the swerling dervish. Anyway, the e-mail you gave me I never got a response from. If you are ever in the area of where you bought it I would still love to have one. Maybe a new e-mail or some other way we could work it out. Thanks, Becky Brink


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